50 Helium Balloons Bundle Deal

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50 helium-filled latex balloons. 
Plain colours. Curling ribbons included. 
Bagged for your convenience.

Choose your float-time:
8-10 hour float time from inflation (standard).
2-5 days (with hi-float treatment in the balloons).

Above times are based on indoor conditions. Helium balloons are best used indoors. No guarantees made on balloons being used outdoors/marquees etc.

The whimsical look of balloons nestling on the ceiling has always been popular!
These can also be used to make your own bunches to attach to furniture or your own weights: we do the hard work and you get creative! No sore fingers from tying lots of knots!

If using on the ceiling, make sure you have a smooth, level ceiling with no sharp/dirty objects.