How long do balloons last?

How long will my balloons last?
This is a great question, with a broad answer!

Generally speaking, we say balloons will last anywhere between 2-5 days.
In saying that; there's more science in balloons than you may think!

-Confetti Balloons have more weight in them, so most sizes only last about 24 hours.

-Latex balloons with hi-float inside will float about 2-5 days.
Constant days of rain and also heat = less float time (about 2 days).
Balloons are best kept in air-conditioning for longevity (3-5 days).
Balloons will always last better in the cooler months, than the hotter months!

-Latex balloons without hi-float only last about 8-10 hours from inflation.

-Foil balloons float for about 5-7 days.

-Plastic Bubble balloons float for 1-2 weeks. 

-Air-Filled balloons can last for months!

Weather affects the float-time of balloons; and unfortunately that's one thing we simply can't control. Constant Rain and Heat are the hardest battle for us here in Cairns! But keeping them cool, in a non-humid environment and/or in air-conditioning is the absolute best for longevity of balloons!! 

If you have any questions about float-time, please give us a call!