At Balloons Etc, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and ensuring responsible balloon usage.

The pursuit of fun and excitement at an event should not compromise the well-being of the environment.


We use latex balloons, a natural based product.

  • Latex is not plastic
  • We use high quality latex. 
  • It’s a natural, plant based product.
  • Latex is extracted without harming the rubber tree.
  • Trees in the rubber industry significantly contribute to the world’s tree canopy, vital in combatting climate change.

Sustainable plantations

Our balloon manufacturer sources their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. This contributes to building healthy forests, thriving communities and fights climate change.

How it works? Once we collect 30kg, we send it down to Terracycle to be processed, they mulch / pellatise the latex balloons that is then sold on the open market as a raw material for use in new products such as rubber play matts and play equipment. Shoe manufactures are also interested in the product to make sustainable shoe soles.

Balloon disposal and recycling.

We encourage responsible use and disposal of balloons and offer a recycling program with TerraCycle. 

Our recycling services

Simply drop your balloons into our TerraCycle recycling bin in-store at 506 Mulgrave Road, Earlville, free of charge to you, or, arrange for us to collect the balloons from your venue after the event for a small return and collect fee. 

Re-use, repurpose & recycle

The program recycles balloons into raw materials for manufacturing, creating new products like springs, flooring and shoe soles, reducing landfill waste.
Balloon Releases

We have a strict policy to not provide balloons for any individuals or events that intend to release them into the environment. It is at our discretion to refuse a sale if we feel the balloons are intended for release into the sky. 


Our environmental partners, memberships and resources

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Environmental supplier
Latex is sourced from Sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations.

terracycle logo

Re-use, repurpose, recycle
TerraCycle recycles balloons into raw material, selling it to manufacturers who complete the recycling journey by creating end products.

peba logo

Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) Membership
As members, we comply with their industry standards by keeping balloons attached to weights and never releasing balloons them into the air. Ensuring a controlled disposal after the event is just as important as the set up. PEBA aims to make Australia ‘The First Balloon Release Free Continent’ in the world.