Birthday Party Theming

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Birthday Party Theming

Planning a birthday party can be challenging and exciting all at once! The first thing that needs to be decided is what theme will the party be? Party themes for both adults and kids alike are usually defined by the birthday person’s likes or favourite characters.

At Balloons Etc we want to make picking a theme easy. We now stock a range of popular kids and adult themes. These Kids packs include a range of party items and can be matched with a balloon bouquet.



For teenagers and adults alike, we have selected the most popular theme:

  • 80’s Pop/Rock
  • Casino
  • 70’s Disco
  • Hollywood Awards night
  • Masquerade
  • Mexican
  • Tropical

And again all these themes can be matched with balloons to theme your party, some amazing ad on’s are our balloon pillars and organic balloon designs.





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