Frequently Asked Questions

What are your trading hours?
Tuesday to Friday        9am – 5pm
Saturday                    9am – 1pm
Closed Sunday and Monday (available by appointment)
Closed Public Holidays

If I need balloons for Sunday, will they last if I pick them up on Saturday?
Absolutely! We have a special treatment we can put inside Latex balloons that will ensure they stay afloat for your Sunday event! And Foil balloons and Bubble balloons can last from 5 days to 4 weeks as standard, so we can certainly help you out!

Do you offer a delivery service?
We sure do! This is a big part of our business! We deliver gift bouquets for all occasions all over Cairns every day. We deliver and set up larger jobs too.  This is particularly popular on Friday’s and Saturday’s, so be sure to schedule in your décor order as soon as possible.

Do you offer same day deliveries?
We do indeed! Cairns CBD deliveries can be done if booked before 2pm. Outer suburbs we recommend ordering by 11am. If you’re not sure if you’ve missed the deadline or not, please call and ask! We do our best to assist you as best we can!

Can you blow up balloons while I wait?
In most cases – Yes! A lot of our day-to-day orders are walk-in customers wanting balloons while they wait. This is pretty standard for us. If your order is larger or you’ve chosen something that’s time consuming to make, we may ask you to come back in an hour or so depending on our workload at the time.

Do you fill balloons that I’ve bought somewhere else?
We can do, yes. If we think they’re not suitable for helium filling, we would suggest air-filling them instead. The easiest way is to bring them in and we can advise what will work best for you!

Can I pre-book and make an order for a later date?
Most definitely! We encourage this as much as possible!

Can I pay when I pick up my balloons?
Our policy requires payment of your order prior to inflation of the balloons.
You don’t necessarily have to pay upon placing the order, just before the day of inflation.

What payment methods do you accept?
Cash, Eftpos, Visa, MasterCard and Direct Deposit.
Yes, we can accept payment with a credit card over the phone.

Are you contactable after-hours?
Our after-hours contact number for balloon emergencies is 0413 910 751